Shipping and Packing


Shipping should be easy, right? Right.
That’s why we offer you options through FedEx, USPS, or DHL so we can compare rates for you.
Need it to get there quickly? Just ask.
We can even service your refrigerated, fragile, odd-size package, or any other requirement you may have.
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Boxfli is about shipping and packing in color and design. No brown found here.
Packing your product so it stays safe but still looks great can be tough, so we do it for you. Sit back, relax and just choose your favorite box, crinkle paper, bubble wrap, and more to present your item spectacularly.
Your package is guaranteed to be impactful, unique, and stylish whether it is a gift for a friend or a company product for a client. Shipping and packaging at Boxfli is the ultimate experience for all parties involved.
Because our designs are printed directly on the box, there’s no need to wrap your gift anymore, so you can save paper and package sustainably with Boxfli.
Not only will your friends and clients love the box, they will also be surprised by the presentation when they open it. Your gift or promotion will be beautiful from the inside out. You won't find these services anywhere else because Boxfli is as unique as you are.