Our Story

It seems that the way to be the next big thing is to take something that is struggling and propel it to a whole new level. Inject a new look, feel, or way of doing something that catches someone’s eye and gets him or her to say, “Hey what’s that?” Well for a long time the shipping industry has been untouched. There have been more players added but they’ve been more of the same…nothing new or exciting.

What’s more is that shipping is not exactly the “sexiest” industry, and it is largely viewed as a chore. Shipping a package is typically a hassle that has to be added into the daily routine, whether it is FedEx, UPS, or the dreaded Post Office. Needless to say it is no one’s favorite part of the day. We hear clients say all the time, “I have had to ship this package forever but I just never got around to it or never wanted to do it.”

With the introduction of Boxfli, that perception of shipping has been flipped upside down. What we now hear people saying is, “I am looking for any excuse to ship so I can come back in here.” It seems people are almost willing to ship their dog just to find an excuse to ship in a Boxfli box. Once you have shipped at Boxfli, it does not feel right to ship anywhere else.

The idea behind Boxfli was to make it a fun, hip, and inviting place filled with color that overwhelms the senses in joy. Joy is not a word you will typically find in the shipping industry, but Boxfli truly is a joyful place to do business. The staff is friendly and helpful, the boxes are bright and colorful, and there are fun, unique gifts that are a blast to look at. Boxfli is more than just a shipping store with colorful boxes. It is a fun environment, a place that you can call your own. We are a modern shipping shop that is finally more representative of you and your personality.

Each package you send to someone is a reflection of you. With the Boxfli customization process of shipping a box, you can make your package look amazing with little effort because our staff will package it for you. All you have to do is select the box and packaging options you like most. You don’t have to be a packaging expert to design a package that looks like a professional work of art. So come in to one of our sleek shops today and let us show you why you won’t ship anywhere else.