Not Your Ordinary Mailbox

VIP Service for a non-VIP price

Customer Testimonials

...their basic services and overall 'get it done' attitude has made them a much valued partner.

I have a mailbox here and I feel so blessed to have come across this location.

- Mohammed Z.
Mission Viejo, CA

Boxfli is simply the best laid out, friendly, helpful place you would ever want to work with.

- Keith F.
Mission Viejo, CA

Email Notification

You will receive an email when a letter or package is in your box so you don’t miss anything.

Package and Signing Security

We sign for your packages so you don't have to. We accept packages from all major shipping carriers.

Physical Address

As a small business, you don't want all your clients or vendors knowing your personal home address. At Boxfli, you get a professional, physical address.

24-Hour Access

Check your mail when it fits your schedule. We take pride in the look and feel of our shops because they are like no other.

Mailbox Forwarding

If you are going on a vacation or are constantly on the move, we can forward mail to wherever you may roam.

Amazing Service

Our Boxfli staff is always friendly and ready to help with anything you may need. We take pride in serving you.

We offer safe and secure mailbox rentals at all of our locations.

Boxfli is more than just a shipping store with colorful boxes. It is a fun environment, a place that you can call your own.