General Packing Tips

General Packing Tips

General Packing Tips

Feeling overwhelmed about a package you need to ship? We’ve got you covered with these four simple packing tips!

Shipping Labels

While reusing old boxes is resourceful, make sure to remove or cover previous shipping labels; this will eliminate confusion during the delivery process. For added safety, include a copy of the shipping label or card inside the box, in case the outside label gets damaged.

Package Fillers

While packing peanuts may be convenient in your packing process, many are harmful for the environment. A few eco-friendly alternatives that work just as well include newspaper, bubble wrap, and crinkled craft paper. If you choose to use newspaper when packing, be aware of the ink that can sometimes rub off. It is also important to leave enough space needed around each item for the proper padding. When using paper fillers, make sure to overstuff the box at first because the weight of the contents will often compress the padding. To check if you added enough padding, shake the box to make sure the items are not shifting inside. For oddly shaped items, make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap to ensure the object’s unique shape does not get damaged.

Packaging Restrictions

Be aware of the shipping restrictions for packages that will be sent through express or air delivery. A few common items that can only be delivered by ground include flammable items such as matches, some nail polishes, and aerosol cans like perfume and hairspray. While items like liquor can be a great gift, they are completely prohibited to ship without the proper permits. Not all liquids and perishables have shipping restrictions, but it is a good idea to use plastic bags for items that could possibly leak or spill.

For more details on shipping restrictions, check out the USPS website.

Heavy Packages

One common choice for sealing a package is to use strapping tape, which has vertical fibers throughout it that help to add extra support for the box. It is important to use either strapping or packing tape, rather than masking or duct tape to ensure that the package will have a strong enough seal.   

If the package sits heavy on the scale, a recommended approach for taping is using the H-method. Simply applying packaging tape to all of the box’s open seams ensures a strong hold to keep the box sealed shut without wasting unnecessary amounts of tape. Although if the box is extra heavy, it is a good precaution to reinforce the H-method tape with two more strips of tape running diagonally from corner to corner for extra support. We recommended using a “heavy” sticker on boxes that fall into the extra heavy category so that the carrier and recipient understand how to correctly handle the package.         

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